Objects & Clues

We use our Noise:Role.Cards Deck to define the assignments. We investigate the evidences collected by the player to observe the evocative meaning and examine objects and clues relation to each other.

Con l'uso delle nostre 12 Carte di Ruolo investighiamo il materiale proposto osservandone il significato evocativo ed esaminiamo gli oggetti e indizi mettendoli in relazione tra loro.

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True Stories for a Digital Age.
Collective production of short digital storytelling segments.

The Storytellers:
Vanessa Ramadan ⋰ Federico Buffagni ⋰ Gabriele Codazzi ⋰ Raffaele Filace ⋰ Cinzia Pietribiasi ⋰ Agnese Montanari ⋰ Andrea Salvo ⋰ Amelia Ceci ⋰ Giovanni Di Raimo ⋰ Gabriel Troisi ⋰ Alice Fiorini ⋰ Giulia Coldebella ⋰ Matteo Battisti

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